Warranty & Insurance

We provide an outstanding 2 year warranty on all service installations!

Insurance Claims

Do you want help handling insurance claims for home damage? Contact us at 720 594 0173 for professional assistance.

We understand the frustration you may feel after weather damage to your home in Denver, CO. In this situation, you may need to file an insurance claim. Our team at Streamline Design Build has experience working with insurance companies, and we assist with claims (replacement and restoration).

Basic Process for Filing a Claim

After your roof sustains damage, you may follow this process to file a damage claim:

  1. Contact your homeowners’ insurance company
  2. Start working with a roofing advisor to assess the damage
  3. Allow the advisor to submit a claim to the insurance company

We can begin work on your property as the insurance company approves your claim. We also step in to provide supplementary information if we find anything left off the claim by the insurance adjuster.

Insurance Claims for All Kinds of Damage

Your insurance policy may cover minor repairs or a full replacement. Sometimes, insurance even addresses the repairs necessary to fix normal wear and tear damage. We provide personalized help and go over your policy to ensure you understand your situation.